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    A new beta version of the client was just released.

    • The updater for next update to beta25 should work now when user or program path had a non-ASCII character included
    • We added a ||spoiler|| tag for chats and added them into the context menu when selecting text in the input field

    1. ##### Update 5.0.0-beta.24@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Updates should now be applied correctly when non-ASCII characters are found in paths@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Fix for a shutdown crash on OSX@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Context menu for free servers no longer displayed when no servers exist@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Server banner will now be reloaded after gfx interval expires@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Ban timer should now display the correct time remaining for longer bans@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Improvements to mentions (@ syntax) and a new ||spoiler|| tags feature@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Passwords are now saved for free servers@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Various minor improvements for code block formatting@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Accepting a group invite will no longer play an error sound@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@

    Known for us

    • The behavior of rich text editor will be changed in one of the next beta updates

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    We pushed out a new beta release.

    • You now can use hotkeys while another application is in fullscreen or uses admin permissions.
    • Free server now can be created or managed in the “Servers” tab.
    • Improved hotkey behavior in fullscreen applications
    • Hotkeys now also work in applications running as admin
    • Reworked user interface for free servers to be more robust
    • Performance improvements for contact lists and other areas
    • Fixed issue with image previews flickering
    • Image preview can be closed with the escape key, or by clicking outside
    • Editing channel descriptions should now be saved properly if you click the confirm button immediately
    • Fixed bug where hitting TAB could move scroll position
    • Minor tweaks to emoji handling and code blocks in chat input

    Happy testing :smiley:

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    Beta 22 is just rolling out into the beta channel.

    • This client hides account details. So streamers can open their settings without showing personal details…
    • We no longer use Holler. Anyone who used it would not need to switch to Giphy instead.
    • The chats now use the time/date setup in your operation system. It’s set to 24 hours as default but can be changed in: Settings -> Behavior -> Chats.
    1. * Dashboard and other UI panels take better advantage of wide screens@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Presence menu allows you to go online@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Server display name in title area provides context menu too@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Server icon with mute state differentiates from client icons in activity area@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Account details (account ID, email address) are hidden until mouseover@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Handling of certain types of animated content when pausing is improved@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* User locale handling has been improved & provides option to use 24-hour format@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Support for animated stickers from Holler removed (please use GIPHY instead)@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Various fixes to copy/paste, especially with rich-text/emoji@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@

    Known issues

    • The time/date feature does not work on Linux and Mac OS (will be fixed later). The 24 hours setting will still work though.

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    We’re currently rolling out a new beta client to fix some issues reported from yesterday’s release.

    Changes included in this build:

    1. - Fixed a bug where a push-to-talk button press could disable Voice Activation@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@- Fixed a bug with flickering channel info panes@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@- Fixed incorrect position of links in compact chat@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@- Properly support size BBCode tag in channel descriptions@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@- Minor fixes@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@

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    We’re currently rolling out a new update with the following changes, the update should reach your client within the next hour.

    1. - Animated content is stopped when TeamSpeak is not the active window@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@- BBCode parser supports additional tags in channel descriptions@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@- Release delay can be configured for push-to-talk@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@- Fixed a bug where ts3image:// URLs were not working properly@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@- Multiple performance improvements for reduced CPU and memory usage@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@- Several UI tweaks and improvements based on community feedback@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@

    Larger channel descriptions now display the same way as in previous betas, smaller ones will use the side by side layout.

    Known issues

    ts3image urls currently only work for file names in lowercase. Otherwise they will still display as broken image. (ie. file.png vs File.png)
    The BBCode size tag ignores the +x / -x notation and uses a hardcoded size.
    Channel descriptions in a certain length range may cause flickering between positions if the client window / the channel info panel is quite large.

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