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    Long time no client beta announcement in forum :smiley:

    We just did release a new update for the closed client beta.

    Update 5.0.0-beta30
    • Fix online status when using the same account on multiple clients
    • Disable UI elements when you do not have relevant permissions
    • Fixed a bug that caused ts3image urls only working with lower case file names
    • Fixed an issue with file preview and uploads containing certain characters in the file or path name
    • Made chat input field more responsive
    • Fix Linux clipboard image upload
    • Add option to ignore users from user name context menu in room messages
    • Fixed potential UI crash
    • Add ability to close poke popup
    • Updated Chromium version
    • Various minor improvements and bug fixes
    Known issues
    • Drag and Drop of images into the client window is not currently supported
    • Pinned messages do not currently show parsed content (clickable links etc)

    Any feedback about this release is welcome.

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    Wie der Titel bereits sagt, wurde unser Ts3 Server Banner aufgrund der Levelausgabe aufgefrischt.

    Einige Fehler konnten nun behoben werden. ;)

    Dazu waren ein paar Änderungen am Script nötig um zukünftig bei neuen Updates des Ranksystems auch weiterhin problemlos euer Level im Banner ausgeben zu lassen.






    A new beta version of the client was just released.

    • The updater for next update to beta25 should work now when user or program path had a non-ASCII character included
    • We added a ||spoiler|| tag for chats and added them into the context menu when selecting text in the input field

    1. ##### Update 5.0.0-beta.24@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Updates should now be applied correctly when non-ASCII characters are found in paths@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Fix for a shutdown crash on OSX@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Context menu for free servers no longer displayed when no servers exist@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Server banner will now be reloaded after gfx interval expires@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Ban timer should now display the correct time remaining for longer bans@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Improvements to mentions (@ syntax) and a new ||spoiler|| tags feature@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Passwords are now saved for free servers@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Various minor improvements for code block formatting@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Accepting a group invite will no longer play an error sound@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@

    Known for us

    • The behavior of rich text editor will be changed in one of the next beta updates

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    We pushed out a new beta release.

    • You now can use hotkeys while another application is in fullscreen or uses admin permissions.
    • Free server now can be created or managed in the “Servers” tab.
    • Improved hotkey behavior in fullscreen applications
    • Hotkeys now also work in applications running as admin
    • Reworked user interface for free servers to be more robust
    • Performance improvements for contact lists and other areas
    • Fixed issue with image previews flickering
    • Image preview can be closed with the escape key, or by clicking outside
    • Editing channel descriptions should now be saved properly if you click the confirm button immediately
    • Fixed bug where hitting TAB could move scroll position
    • Minor tweaks to emoji handling and code blocks in chat input

    Happy testing :smiley:

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    Beta 22 is just rolling out into the beta channel.

    • This client hides account details. So streamers can open their settings without showing personal details…
    • We no longer use Holler. Anyone who used it would not need to switch to Giphy instead.
    • The chats now use the time/date setup in your operation system. It’s set to 24 hours as default but can be changed in: Settings -> Behavior -> Chats.
    1. * Dashboard and other UI panels take better advantage of wide screens@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Presence menu allows you to go online@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Server display name in title area provides context menu too@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Server icon with mute state differentiates from client icons in activity area@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Account details (account ID, email address) are hidden until mouseover@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Handling of certain types of animated content when pausing is improved@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* User locale handling has been improved & provides option to use 24-hour format@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Support for animated stickers from Holler removed (please use GIPHY instead)@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@* Various fixes to copy/paste, especially with rich-text/emoji@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@

    Known issues

    • The time/date feature does not work on Linux and Mac OS (will be fixed later). The 24 hours setting will still work though.

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    We’re currently rolling out a new beta client to fix some issues reported from yesterday’s release.

    Changes included in this build:

    1. - Fixed a bug where a push-to-talk button press could disable Voice Activation@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@- Fixed a bug with flickering channel info panes@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@- Fixed incorrect position of links in compact chat@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@- Properly support size BBCode tag in channel descriptions@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@- Minor fixes@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@

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