Updated TeamSpeak Badge List

  • The badges in this post are “approximately” listed chronologically
    So one of the last badges at the bottom is the oldest. In that case (officially) one of the autosign badges.

    I think it was Gamescom 2016. I still remember that this was my first badge. Gamescom was before Paris Games Week and after that I got my Teamspeak Addon Author Badge. The 2014 Gamescom and Paris Game Week are older in age but I think there was some issue about Teamspeak at this time. MyTeamspeak was actually planned earlier at that time but was postponed. I think you got the 2014 badges after the 2016 or not at all.

    Correct me if I’m wrong. I have seen some with 2014 badges in the past but that was still the time when you couldn’t be sure if it was legit.

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